Thursday, December 18, 2008

Caballos y Tortillas

So on Tuesday I went over to the farm twice. First with a group of the middle girls and then with the toddlers in the afternoon. We took them to ride the horses and they loved it. I made some new friends in the group of girls while they were waiting to ride. When we first got up there some of the boys were working. Neil was with them and showed one of the girls and I the pigs. We got to see them feeding the pigs also... it was awful smelling in there. The toddlers absolutely loved the horses and each one got to ride them a couple times at least. I got some great pictures of them and some video too, but I won't be able to post them until I get back to the states.

Yesterday I got to help make tortillas over at the middle girls' kitchen. Whenever Jessica and I went over they'd already made the dough but we flattened them out and put them on the fire. I had a great time with it and I want to go back again sometime to help make them from the beginning.. or at least watch. It is so much fun and I'm definitely going to make sure I have some sort of an idea of their recipe by the time I come home so I can make them from scratch.

Today I went up to the tienda with one of the girls here who is from Auburn and we had lunch there. Some of the older girls from Emmanuel work there. The food is really good and really cheap. I had some tacos which were tortillas with chicken, rolled up and fried with a red-ish spicy sauce and cabbage on top.

God is giving me so much rest here. It's really laid back compared to other missions I've been on and when I went to Venezuela. I'm able to take my time in the mornings and have a quiet time, read, eat breakfast, etc. I like hanging out with the girls in their yards and just getting to know them better. The kids are in their houses around 4 or 5 in the afternoon so I've had time to lay in my hammock and read a lot and just rest. The sunsets here are beautiful and the weather (as far as the wind goes) reminds me a lot of Boone.. from when I was in Boone this past summer, it is a lot like that except that it can get really hot in the middle of the day.

Thank you all again for continually praying for me, I really appreciate it! Please pray for the kids too.. even more so than for me. They've already taken up a special place in my heart.

I love you all!!

Buenas Noches :)

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Jenica Thompson said...

i'm so glad things are going great for you!! i miss you so much and i'm praying for you! love you daniiiiii!