Monday, December 15, 2008

Psalm 118:24

Let me first thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday on FaceBook & for those who gave me cards to take with me to Emmanuel to open on my birthday.

My flights went well.. although the connecting flight in Miami scared me. When we were going through the gate, they scanned my ticket and said someone else was in my seat. Apparently someone changed my flight or something but either way I did still get a seat on the plane... they bumped me up to 1st class! Poor Neil was still stuck at the back of the plane with a crying baby behind him. It was a smooth flight and we were able to meet up with John who flew in from California and get a ride to Emmanuel from a man named Carlos.

The city is packed and the traffic reminds me so much of Maracaibo.. and lucky me I got to sit in the front seat of the cab. haha It was about a two hour drive to Emmanuel, but I loved seeing the country and talking some to Carlos who knew verrry little English.

There are three other girl volunteers here that I'm sharing the house with right now and I've heard more people are coming in today. Two of them are from the states (GA & CO) and one is from Denmark. I've really enjoyed getting to know them and going around with Birte a couple times when she gives medicine to some of the girls. My favorite so far I think has been the toddlers. They're so sweet.

One of the little boys I have gotten to know is Luis and he is so funny. I've been able to talk to him some in Spanish and yesterday I asked him if he could say anything in English. He said yes but wouldn't tell me what, and then he told me to give him my hand. He held his up too and said "high five!"

One of the girls I have met but not gotten to know very well yet is Nicole. Birte told me she has not been here very long at Emmanuel and when they found her she was in the jungle. She didn't speak much at all and when she did it was mostly animal noises. It was surprising to hear that but the first time I went around with Birte when she gave out medicine, Nicole came up with some of the other girls and greeted me. She's really come a long way.

Yesterday after church some of us walked into town from Emmanuel for lunch. It was me, Neil, John, Bianca, Candace & Terrez (a couple from Ohio), and the family from Denmark. The rest of the day we just relaxed at the house and later that night the four of us at the house watched a movie. Candace made a cake for me and brought it over in the evening as well. I love the people I have met here, they're so loving. Today is actually Candace's 22nd birthday as well, and we're having a party for her tonight at our house.

I can't think of much else to fill you all in on except that I absolutely love it here and God has been humbling me for sure. It was definitely hard to spend my first birthday away from family and most of my friends, but I just need to keep in mind the reason I am here. It has been hard for me to see alllll of these kids here and realize that they don't have their own mom and dad. The community of believers they have caring for them here though is so powerful and I thank God for that.

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this. I love you all and I pray your day goes well!!

Gracias a Dios para ese dia



April Wilkinson said...

Ahh! Everything you shared is so exciting! I'm glad to know you're loving it there. I'm highly anticipating your next post! :)

Jennifer said...

I'm so glad that you are off to a good start in Honduras. I can't wait to hear more about everything you are doing. :)

Laura Williams said...

I'm glad to hear that things are going so well. I can't wait to read more about your journey!